Nuggets for Life

Nuggets for Life by Alva Hill



Alva has many wonderful life lessons to share.
They will be his legacy.




  • Your home must have Jesus as the corner stone.
  • To help man is a blessing, to serve God is eternity.
  • God can see right through you.
  • God thoughts come from heavenly places.
  • God has put you in His plans.
  • God is listening…are you?
  • Ask God, then listen for His answer.
  • God doesn’t reject your prayers.
  • If you want to touch someone’s life, ask God to send an angel.
  • Change your words and change your world.
  • Don’t look back, look ahead
  • Tomorrow starts the day before
  • Smiling doesn’t hurt
  • When you call God you will never get a busy signal