With the challenges in our lives come change! Change can be good!  Change helps us to stretch, grow and hopefully mature! Our world today needs our maturity to help neutralize and bring about yet more change to the crazy and un-Godly thinking and behavior that is spreading across our nation!  Accept the challenges and changes and become a beacon of light to those who are confused and losing hope!  

Now Is The Time

The Prophetic Voice:

The Lord spoke to me this morning:  “Now is the time; now is the time for you to trust ME, the time to lean on ME, the time to turn to ME, the time to lay everything at MY feet! Now is the time.  NOW IS THE TIME for you to rest in ME and receive MY peace that surpasses your understanding!!  NOW!

NOW IS THE TIME:  How many of you have been hearing or thinking on this phrase? Now is the time, thinking that you were going to hear a word for a specific time to come and/or a specific word for that time?? Here what Papa is saying to all of us regarding our inquiring of – when Lord, when is that going to happen? When Lord, when are you going to move on my requests or prayer??  When am I going to see that come to pass?

Yes, He is waiting on us to lay it all down, lay it all down at His feet and rest in Him!

Be Encouraged ~ June 2018


Rising above the storms of life and walking on top of the waves certainly does have its challenges! However, remember what happened to Peter when he took his eyes off of Jesus!! We can stay on top of the waves of the storm by looking at and trusting in the Lord and riding them to safety to the other side. Or we can look at the circumstances, allow fear to rise up in us and begin sinking to the bottom with all of the unpleasant circumstances on top of us!

The Lord is always with us to help us in our times of trouble, BUT, we must do our part, take up our authority, trusting in Him who is always faithful to accomplish all that He said He would do.

I am reminded of what Sarah said in Hebrews 11:11 (oh yes 1111, transition and change) “by faith Sarah herself also received strength to conceive seed and she bore a child when she was past the age, because she judged Him faithful who had promised.”

Not seeing the answer does not mean it isn’t there ready to manifest on your behalf! Have faith in God, judge Him faithful who has promised!! All of His promises are yes and amen!! 

Wow, Ok, so now I have encouraged myself and I am surfing on top of the waves, how about you?? Moving on and to the other side; full of faith, hope and the promises of Papa God!! YES, Papa God is soooo good!!! Blessing to you all! 

Be Encouraged ~ May 2018

The last few months have certainly been full of much activity and life’s challenges!  However, with all of the challenges we face, Father God provides direction and guidance for the best path for us to travel, amen! 

I am always amazed that when I keep my eyes on Jesus, the Word, instead of my circumstances how He moves me through and delivers me out of it all!  Remembering also that Holy Spirit is our comforter and helper; we always have someone to lean on and trust in, and we are provided an escape route!

Psalm 34:4 “I sought the Lord and He heard me, and delivered me from all my fears.

Vs. 6 “This poor man cried out, and the Lord heard him and save him out of all his troubles.”

Vs. 7 “The angel of the Lord encamps all around those who fear Him, and deliver them.”

ALL is a huge word with a huge definition ~ the whole, every – nothing left

I encourage you today to look for His hand guiding you; listen for His voice giving you wisdom and new revelation.  The Lord is speaking to us in so many ways and the message is one of “love”, one of direction, one of guidance and revelation for your every need!  ALL of your desires and needs!!

A special encounter:

Last week I went out into our garage and there was a dove that had flown in and couldn’t find his way back out. He kept flying at the window desperately trying to find an opening he could fly through and get free.  I walked over to the window and slowly put both of my hands around the dove, lifted him out of the window and carried him outside to safety.  He didn’t struggle or try to peck at me, he just surrendered into my hands!!

As I opened up my hands to release him, he sat on my fingers for what seemed to be a very long time.  Probably was only 15 seconds or so, but, seemed so much longer as I spoke to him and assured him that he was ok and all was well.  Then….he flew away!

This was such an awesome moment and spoke a prophetic message to me!  The Lord spoke volumes through this awesome encounter:  Holy Spirit spoke to my spirit and told me; “I cover you and put my covering around you as you did the dove.  As you allow, trust and rely on Me to cover you and as you surrender to me, I will keep you safe and release you into your safe place.  Then I am to release Him, Holy Spirit, into the lives of others as He gives me guidance and direction.  For there are many who are waiting to receive a touch from God and He wants to touch and cover them with His love and blessing!

There was more that He imparted to me through this time and more is coming. I am still reflecting on all He told me and continues to show me.  Papa God is so good and signs and miracles are all around us daily if we will be watchful and receive!!

May your summer be filled with many God encounters, blessings and miracles on all your ways!!

It Is Written ~ Kiswahili


1,000 copies are being printed for distribution through pastors, leaders and to all who have a hungry heart and who would like to have one! 

If Holy Spirit is leading for you to seed into this project please PM me or send offering through PayPal.

Sending the Word to the Nations!

I am excited to share with you what the Lord is doing in my life and how you may partner with me to send His Word to the nations!!

Many of you are aware of the small pamphlet/booklet I wrote in the spring of 2013, “It Is Written.”  It brings the simple, yet powerful, message of receiving the Word of God as it is written. Speak, receive, believe, and walk in God’s Word!  Bringing the Kingdom of God to earth as it is in heaven.

Papa specifically told me that this book was to be given away as a free gift, a seed planted into the lives of all who received it. First, it was published in English, shortly thereafter, the Lord impressed upon me to have it translated into Spanish, which I did.  I am blessed as I sow these booklets into other ministries who, in turn, give them out as they go to the nations!

I am estimating that since 2013, approximately 2,000 English and Spanish copies have been printed and distributed free of any charge. The booklet is also available on my website as a free download:

In 2015, the Lord opened the door to have the book translated into the Telugu dialect for Southern India.  1,000 copies were printed and distributed through Pastors Isaac and Velma Elizabeth, with Vision for Asia Ministry. I have been told that many Pastors/churches are using the book as a bible study and to date all copies have been given away!  Glory to God!!

NOW! Once again Papa has opened a door for me to walk through!  As you are reading this letter, “It Is Written” is being translated into the Kiswahili language (scheduled completion within the week) to be printed and distributed throughout Kenya!  So blessed!!  As He has been faithful to provide the finances for the printing and translation costs for the first 3 projects, I believe He will provide the finances to complete the Kenya project as well.

I am decreeing and believing for many lives to be transformed into His light as the Word of God moves through the country of Kenya!!  Would you prayerfully consider partnering with me in financing this project?

The total expense to translate and print 1,000 copies in Kiswahili and 200 copies in English will be $650 U.S. dollars. The printing will be done in Nairobi to save shipping costs.

To give, you may use the PayPal button on my website, click on the donate tab, email or message me to discuss further.  

Shalom!! Peace and much love in Jesus!!

Be Encouraged ~ February 2018

God Calls Us Friend!

Lately, I have been thinking a lot on life experiences!  Also thinking on how much God loves us that He gave us such a marvelous  pathway for our lives; and also directions to help us overcome what comes our way on a daily basis.  One of my lifelong assignments (as it is yours too) has been to learn to love Jesus with my whole being.  “With all of my heart, with all of my soul, with all of my mind and with all of my strength and my neighbor as myself.”  Luke 10:27

Over the years, I have found and experienced God’s unconditional love and that He considers me His friend as He called Abram friend ~ wow His friend!!  This word friend in the Hebrew has an awesome meaning for us to always remember; love, oneness, unity, an appetite for or hunger and intimacy for.  Selah!!

Father God has an unconditional love for us, He has a hunger for that one on one relationship, intimate relationship; ongoing fellowship with you and me!  This revelation in itself is awesome enough.  But Papa goes even further in His love for us and has given us Jesus, the living Word, alive, creative and powerful.  He has given us Holy Spirit to help us, comfort us and guide us on our way through our journey through life here on this earth!  We are to have the same intimacy and hunger for and with Jesus and Holy Spirit that we have with our Father.  Why?  Because we are all one in Him!  Selah!  Now, saying that to emphasize that our love and intimacy with our Papa God is for multiple reasons; to move through life in freedom and a continual growing strength and power in knowing Him.  Our strength and power comes from the Word, Jesus, living in us; providing us the guidance, strength, power, direction and faith to live the Kingdom life on earth as it is in heaven!

Intimacy with Father God empowers us to love Him, encounter Him, experience Him and enjoy His all-encompassing presence.  We are also empowered to know where our help comes from when “life” happens, when storms come against us!!   Our spirits will rise up to the occasion and provide the correct action or reaction which glorifies Father God and in turn will give us strength to move through the storm riding on the top of the wave and not thrown under the wave!!   We will make our decisions based on our faith, faith which comes by knowing that the Word is our answer, our power, is our pathway for our life and not the circumstances or decisions of others that is happening. God’s ways lead us to a life with His goodness and victory our way leads us into nothing but trouble!

I have said all of the above to say….

  • You are to first move yourself into position and align yourself up with God; Papa, Jesus and Holy Spirit – purpose to move closer and continue to grow in your relationship and intimacy.
  • As you seek, you will encounter, experience and receive great and mighty things!
  • Receive and enjoy but also remember that you are to freely give all that you receive; disciple others so they can grow and experience the intimate relationship too.
  • Live in the Kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven, bring Heaven to earth

“Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and He will establish your plans!”  Proverbs 16:3

“A man’s heart plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps.” Proverbs 16:9